Stage 1

- The Minzuki team will use 10% of the project's profits for marketing.

- We will keep 10% of royalties required for future projects and link them with other NFT projects.

- We plan to create and issue emoticons for messenger applications with our Minzuki NFT characters.

- We plan to make many items by turning our Minzuki NFT character into goods.

- Minzuki NFT's online product store will be opened, and there will be T-shirts, hats, accessories, and posters.

- Profits from the online store will be reused for marketing, and online store collaboration with other NFT projects will be conducted.

Stage 2

- Minzuki NFT projects work together with the metaverse of other NFT projects.

- Events for holders will be held on the metaverse.

- Collaboration with other NFT projects will also take place within the metaverse.

- A squid game will be played within the metaverse.

- The final winner will be get 1000$.

- The squid game is held every month.

Stage 3

- After randomly selecting 10 holders, we will provide () NFT posters and T-shirts.

- We will give a prize of 500$ to 5 owners after randomly selecting 5 owners on Homepage

- Pay attention to the squid game in the metaverse!


We are coming soon.